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Space saving furniture



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Sometimes I’m Finn, other times I’m Jake.

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costumer service summed up in one gifset  

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i just don’t know what to do. like i really don’t. i think imma sleep on this cause right now i might go a little overboard/crazy/say what i have been denying/say the truth/be honest/admit i was wrong/admit im crazy/admit im lost/admit i dont know what to do/try and move/find a mountain to climb/ concur a country/become a king/become who i really am/stop hiding/admit i never truly stopped ____/admit there is a journal i hide from the world/admit i have 5 unmarked postcards ready to be mailed/ im going to go to bed now.



South Park proves just how fucking simple it is to explain to children what transgender people and transsexual people are.

fucking beautiful

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It can wait.

next time someone is mean to you just tell em this

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So around December of last year I mentally put a vast majority of my emotions in side of a safe and locked it and lost the combo. And up till now its been great and fine but in the last week the safe got a crack in it I can’t fix and now these emotions I locked away are coming back and it kinda sucks. I feel vastly alone.

So I am wanting to get a tattoo of the green lanterns symbol and oath or the green lanterns symbol and the blue lanterns. Not just because I’m nerdy and its my favorite superhero and story arch but because it mean you have great will power the ability to over come great fear and adversity and keep going. And that’s what I’ve done my whole life and I just think having it will also be a reminder in the hard times to have hope that I can and will overcome it

So I feel like if I was a character from teen wolf is be like background student number 8

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